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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Pray for the Earth. Pray for Japan. Pray for human kind

Kunzang Palyul Choling

A Message from Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo March 15, 2011

Come Together and Pray for the Earth!

Dear Friends,

I want to ask- beg, really, for all to stop the busy work and pray in whatever fashion you are familiar with. The situation in Japan is spiraling out of control. Please pray for Japan and stay informed! Pray for the Earth as well, as this will affect our planet.

It is time, without self concern or ego to join hands, join hearts, minds, and spirit and encircle the Earth with love and protection. We are spiritual beings, all we see is a hologram projected by our "mind." If we determine we have faith it is time to use it. Without holding back, without prejudice, please join together: Christians, Jews, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, Pagan, Sufi, Shinto, indigenous. Let our differences go and join together as never before.

The ground, water, sky, wind is filling with poison. We have the power to transform this poison. Love and compassion are stronger; our very spiritual nature has the power to transform. It must be done purely and without any negativity. If you pray to God, Allah, the Buddhas, Krishna, no matter, it is love and compassion that matters. We must empower ourselves to be "divine" in whatever way we can. It is within us to create the antidote to this.
If our seas are poisoned, our blood will be. If our wind is toxic our breath will be too. If our Earth is poison all our bodies will be as well. We cannot afford to take a vacation from guardianship of this planet. No one will save us but us. It is time to awaken. This is our Mother Earth and we are her children. We cannot fail. Awaken to spirit, to love, to compassion and to responsibility. This is what it is to be human. Human children of our Mother and we must honor her.
Pray for the Earth. Pray for Japan. Pray for human kind.


Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo

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